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The FNR will hold the Launch Event presenting the results obtained during phase I of the Foresight exercise and to give details on the objectives and various steps of phase II on Monday 16th of October 2006, 16:00 at the Chamber of Commerce (room C2), 7 rue Alcide de Gaspéri, in Luxembourg-Kirchberg. Everyone is welcome to attend the event.
(The Report and the presentations of the event are now available in the Publications section of this site)

The FNR Foresight has the objective to support the Ministry and the FNR in defining public research priorities of interest to Luxembourg and is thus one of several elements serving to implement the government’s policy for the long-term economic and social development of the country. The Foresight exercise aims provide an informed and shared prioritization of research domains. The 1st phase of the FNR Foresight was concluded in June 2006 and we are now looking forward to presenting the results at the launch of the 2nd phase. So far, we have achieved one of our main goals which was to involve the greatest possible number of actors from the Luxembourg research community in our exercise. Together, these actors discussed various scenarios for the future orientation of Luxembourg research, and various domains of interest for Luxembourg were identified in six fields of research. During the phase II of the FNR Foresight exercise, which will start in October, these fields will be further discussed and analysed in detail. DRAFT PROGRAMME OF LAUNCH EVENT 16:00 Welcoming Words by the President of the FNR, (Romain Henrion) 16:05 Introduction by François Biltgen, Minister of Research 16:15 Foresight Phase I: Methodology & Results (Frank Glod, FNR) 16:45 Evaluation Phase I (Michael Keenan, PREST) 17:00 Objectives of Phase II (Frank Glod, FNR) 17:05 Phase II – The Idea, Concepts, Methods and Expected Output (Anette Braun, VDI) 17:15 Phase II: The Workshops and Processes (Karlheinz Steinmüller, Z_punkt) 17:20 Conclusions by the President of the Scientific Council of the FNR, Jean-Frank Wagner Questions and answers, followed by a drinks reception A stakeholder workshop is scheduled for the 18th of October where key stakeholders will debate the main challenges which Luxembourg is facing within the next decade. During the workshop and during subsequent steps, these challenges will be discussed in detail and broken down to specific aspects important for Luxembourg research. The Stakeholder Workshop is intended to give a clear message about the needs and demands of Luxembourg society and business to inform the next steps of the process. Its results – the set of challenges and their main aspects – will be used within the FNR Foresight Exercise as an important input for identifying priorities in public research. In subsequent steps, thematic panels will elaborate on them and break them down to very specific goals and operational aims of public research. In parallel, the challenges will be utilized as criteria to assess the relevance of these specific goals and aims for Luxembourg society and business.

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